It’s Alive! Welcome to the new website!

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TL;DR: New website yo! Pixel Boy is dead, long live Dan McGovern.

For those of you that don’t know me; Hello! I’m Dan McGovern. As the main page of this site will tell you I’m a freelance website designer and digital marketer from Hartlepool. I spend the majority of my time working in my office helping businesses grow and the rest of my time eating food and drinking beers.

This year after careful consideration I closed down my agency, Pixel Boy Ltd, and started to operate under my own name. For existing clients, nothing has changed. You’ll still receive your yearly invoice from Dan McGovern as opposed to Pixel Boy and if you want any additional work

Anyway, back to the original topic! The new site is live and will be a WIP (work in progress), I’m hoping to integrate a few things such as support tickets and a client portal. This will make it easier for you to contact me if an issue arises!

You’ll also find some cool blog posts where I’ll normally be giving free advice or rambling on about something or other.

Dan McGovern

Dan McGovern

Hello! I'm a freelance website design and digital marketer from the UK seaside town of Hartlepool!

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